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Composted 1/2 inch pine bark fines, sand, lime and micronutrients.  A general purpose potting mix for one gallon and larger containers.

Shredded Pine Bark Mulch

Carefully screened for consistant size and purity, fresh or aged on site.  Its fibrous texture makes it ideal for sloped areas or anywhere without a defined border.

Hardwood Mulch

Our premium Hardwood Mulch is a 100% organic product made primarily from oak trees.  We use only the bark to produce a superior mulch that holds its color and we strive to maintain a consistent quality.  Hardwood Mulch is excellent for mulching natural… Continue reading

Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets

Carefully screened pine bark nuggets ranging from 3/4” – 1 1/2” in size used for decorative landscaping.







Pine Bark Large Nuggets

Averaging between 2-4 inches in size, these nuggets are generally used as a decorative landscaping material.

Red and Black Colored Mulches

Make your yard unique by landscaping with a color enhanced mulch.  We use a state of the art coloring machine on-site to beautifully color our wood products.  All colorant is safe for children and pets.  Although we generally have black and red… Continue reading

Nursery Mix

1/2 inch pine bark fines, fresh or aged on-site

100% Cedar Shavings

An excellent bedding product for outdoor animals – large or small. Cedar naturally repels fleas and ticks so it’s particularly useful in outdoor pet areas

100% Pine Shavings

Wood shavings are manufactured on-site from sustainable supplies of wooe, carefully screened to remove any harmful particles.  Bright, clean, and low dust, they provide the ultimate in animal bedding.  Easy to use and highly absorbant, we have a consistant supply with bulk pricing available.

Certified Playground Cushion Material

Quality sized and screened according to strict Federal standards, our cushion material meets and exceeds all requirements for safety and aesthetics.

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